Negotation Role-Plays B2/C1 English

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Do you work with English learners who need to practise their negotiation skills? If so, this is the book for you.

It contains 10 negotiation role-plays for your B2/C1 Business English learners.

1. Price Negotiation for Office Supplies

2. Contract Terms - Software Development Services

3. Salary Negotiation for Senior Management Position

4. Partnership Agreement for Joint Marketing Campaign

5. Lease Negotiation for Co-Working Space

6. Resource Allocation for Project Teams

7. Distribution Agreement for New Market Entry

8. Merger Talks Between Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Companies

9. Client Contract Renewal for Digital Marketing Services

10. Collaborative Product Launch Negotiation

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10 negotiation role-plays

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Negotation Role-Plays B2/C1 English

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