English for Human Resource Professionals

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This is a book for Business English Trainers working with HR professionals.
The book consists of 10 workshops about the following HR topics:

  • Addressing Workplace Harassment
  • Mediating Employee Conflicts
  •  Employee Termination Best Practices
  • Responding to Workplace Health and Safety Incidents
  • Managing a Data Breach
  • HR Strategies During Leadership Changes
  • Addressing Employee Dissatisfaction with Management
  • Handling Employee Illness and Pandemic Response
  •  Ensuring Legal Compliance in HR Practices
  •  Performance Management with High-Profile Employees

HR English: Speaking Workshops for Business English aims to provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience designed to guide teachers in delivering effective workshops that combine language skills with practical HR scenarios based around critical incidents.

Enjoy the journey of applying language to real-world HR challenges.

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10 great workshops for HR professionals

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English for Human Resource Professionals

0 ratings
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